Melissa Disney
Ben Patrick Johnson
Bill Ratner
Beau Weaver
voice of Don LaFontaine

The Don LaFontaine Voice Over Lab at the SAG Foundation


Molly Mahar – Director/Producer
BJ Schwartz - Producer
Mikiko Sasaki – Editor
Aiko Fukushima – Composer
Goro Toshima – Director of Photography




Molly graduated with honors from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where she discovered her love for documentary filmmaking while working on numerous award-winning shorts in every conceivable capacity: from producer, to cinematographer, to sound technician.

After graduation, Molly joined the ranks of Buddha Jones, a motion picture advertising company in Hollywood, where she spent four years immersed in the world of the feature film trailer. It was at Buddha Jones that she first contemplated the idea of helming the documentary now known as Unseen. Meanwhile, she helped produce the feature documentary Adventuress Wanted, about a 30,000 mile beach buggy trip across Africa and used her marketing skills on the feature documentary Kusama: Princess of Polka Dots (about Japanese avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama).

Molly attributes her love of documentary to her insatiable curiosity for learning how other people live: whether she find those people around the corner, half-way around the world, or just, as the saying goes, “at a theater near you.”




BJ is both a USC-trained filmmaker and a Stanford-trained attorney. He earned his JD in 2000, headed out to New York to practice law and promptly fell in love with filmmaking. That’s a long story. But suffice it to say, he has never second-guessed his decision to leave the law behind and pursue his true love: telling stories with a camera.

Indeed, during his first year at USC film school, BJ was fortunate enough to write and direct a short film that made quite a stir on the film festival circuit. That movie — Wolves in the Woods — played at over thirty festivals nationwide (including at Telluride, the Seattle International Filmfest and the Aspen Shortsfest) and garnered praise and awards all along the way. BJ is endlessly proud to report that Joe Morgenstern, the Pulitzer Prize-winning critic for The Wall Street Journal, lauded the film as being “Remarkable…thoroughly accomplished and truly surprising.”

Unseen is BJ’s first foray into the world of documentary filmmaking. And he couldn’t be more excited about it. After all, if there is anything BJ likes better than movies, it has to be movie trailers. And meeting the people behind those wonderful little slices of movie magic has been more exciting, fun and inspiring than he ever could have imagined.

In addition to working on Unseen, BJ is currently in post production on his second short film — Fugue — and is wrapping up work on his first feature film script entitled Golem.